Hive highlights, July 2020

Margaret Adamson
Friday 31 July 2020

Here’s a summary of the activity that took place in the Hive this month, in case you missed it.

Live events with guests

Following on from Professor Paul Hibbert’s ‘Live from the Hive’ launch session on ‘delivering teaching in different modes’ last month, we were pleased to welcome three more guest speakers.

I’d like to extend my thanks to Kirstie, Jennifer and Jennifer for agreeing to be our latest presenters, and for delivering such great and insightful sessions.

If you missed any of the sessions, all is not lost. They were recorded and you can watch them online via the links below (internal access only, login required).

Professor Kirstie Ball’s session

Kirstie is a Professor of Management in the School of Management and presented a session called ‘Creating an engaging dual mode learning journey’ live on Wednesday 1 July.

Jennifer Hamrick’s session

Jennifer is a Web Content Editor in the digital communications team and presented a session called ‘Accessible content for the web’ live on Monday 6 July.

Jennifer Taylorson’s session

Jennifer is Director of Teaching in the International Education Institute and presented a session called ‘St Andrews good practice in online teaching guide – a current collaborative development’ live on Wednesday 8 July.

Details of upcoming and recorded events can be found on the CEED support workshops page.

Programme launch

The ‘Take 5 in the Hive’ channel was launched in the Team and we released our first quick fire video tutorial about using technology in learning and teaching into it.

Find out how to create a learning resource with (now by watching the tutorial and reading the blog post.

Two further video tutorials have since been created and shared:

Lockdown links

Links to articles and resources are posted into the Team regularly. These are designed to spark discussion, so the posting of a link doesn’t always imply endorsement!

Here’s a recap of what’s been shared.

5 hot topic picks

We’ve had a lot of activity in the Hive Team this month, so it was hard to pick only 5 key points raised and talked about within the community. In the end, these are the ones we settled on.

1. Sharing student videos

People were looking for solutions which would allow students to upload videos that could be shared with their peers and the tutor.

2. Microsoft Azure Notebooks

People were interested in using online computational notebooks with students – allowing them to create and share documents containing live code, equations, visualisations and narrative text.

3. Using quizzes in pre-recorded teaching

People were interested in injecting interactivity into pre-recorded teaching by including quiz slides for self-diagnosis or to check understanding.

4. Using tags in Teams

People were interested in ways of signposting and searching better in Teams through the use of Teams tagging.

5. Polling in live teaching

People were interested in tools that would allow for live-polling during a synchronous session for gathering feedback and checking understanding.

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