Repetition, digital footprint, Panopto playlist, Teams demo and courses, UN campaign and Ask Me Anything answers

Lindsay Donnelly
Tuesday 25 August 2020

Welcome to the second post in this student learning blog series. This week’s featured resources, brought to you by various members of staff from across the University, are below.


Food for thought

Repetition and learning. Does your learning strategy include rereading materials several times? The Effortful Educator says this isn’t an effective tactic for increasing information retention, advising you instead use retrieval practices to ensure your studying is cognitively effortful.

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Digital footprint. Whenever you do things online you’re adding to your digital footprint. Future employers and others may use the information in your footprint to form opinions of you. Are you mindful of the online reputation you’ve built and continue to build? Video transcript.


How to

Teams interactive demo. If you haven’t already, try the interactive demo before teaching starts. It’s a guided tour of Teams which you can work through at your own pace.

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Panopto video playlist. Find out how to access and use the Panopto software to view lectures online by watching the tutorial walkthroughs.

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Opportunities and events

Tips and tricks in Microsoft Teams. Book a place on the one-hour course through PDMS. The course provides an overview of all the features within Microsoft Teams and is running twice in September. Which will you attend?

Tue 8 Sep      Wed 16 Sep

United Nations Digital Cooperation: Youth Media Expression Campaign. The UN welcomes young people (aged 15-29 years) to submit their take on the importance of digital cooperation in the 21st century and what youth-specific challenges they hope digital cooperation could solve. Create a 90 second video on one of the following themes and submit it online by 31 August to take part.

    • Connect: Addressing the urgency to achieve universal connectivity.
    • Respect: Upholding human rights in the digital age.
    • Protect: Combatting cyberattacks and online harms, including child online risks.

Fill out the online form to submit your video


In case you missed it

Ask Me Anything session. Eleni, researcher in the School of Social Anthropology, answered questions on climate change and natural disasters. Watch the responses on YouTube.


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