Hive highlights, September 2020

Margaret Adamson
Wednesday 30 September 2020

Here’s a summary of the activity that took place in the Hive this month, in case you missed it.

Live events with guests

Andrew Wilson (IT Services) and Rachel Hart (Library Special Collections) kindly agreed to be our latest guest speakers in the ‘Live from the Hive’ channel, presenting a session called ‘online object-based learning with Museum and Special Collections material’ on Wednesday 2 September.

If you missed it, all is not lost. It was recorded and can be watched online via the link above (internal access only, login required).

Details of upcoming and recorded events can be found on the CEED support workshops page.

Programme launch

The ‘lunchtime sessions on online teaching’ series was launched in the Hive Team. These informal live sessions, which take place in the ‘Live from the Hive’ channel, are primarily led by academic staff. More information on the format of the sessions can be found in Aisling’s blog post.

Sessions will continue to run on most Thursday’s from 1-2pm. Themes covered so far include ‘interaction in large online lectures: polling and quizzes’ and ‘collaboration online’.

5 hot topic picks

We’ve had a lot of activity in the Hive Team again this month. These are the 5 key points we selected that were raised and talked about within the community.

1. Getting started with Padlet

People were pleased to hear that an institutional licence for Padlet had been procured and wanted to know how to sign in and use it (how to embed a Padlet, in particular).

2. Using the Spotlight feature in Teams

People were interested in the functionality of Microsoft’s new Spotlight feature, which allows a presenter to lock an individual video feed for all meeting attendees.

3. Downloading Teams meeting attendance lists

People wanted to know if it’s possible to download the attendance list when using an iPad (not available if using the app) or after the meeting has ended (not yet, but will be in future).

4. Handwriting in live sessions

People were sharing the ways they have incorporated writing/drawing (of chemical formulae or other languages, for example) into their online teaching. Microsoft Whiteboard was mentioned.

5. Setting Moodle quiz time limits

People wanted to know if it’s possible (it is) to set a different time limit on a Moodle quiz for specific students, such as those with a disclosed disability who require extra time.

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