Library satisfaction survey results

Karen Murphy
Monday 22 February 2021

At the end of last year, the University Libraries asked staff and students to complete a survey to help understand how changes to processes and the introduction of new services during the pandemic have supported your learning, research, and teaching. The Libraries received 601 responses with hundreds of comments. View the summary graphic of the results PDF.

The majority of those who took part in the survey were Undergraduates and they made up 66% of responses, with 24% from Postgraduate students.

We are proud to say that satisfaction with many areas remains very high. Below are the headline figures:

Satisfaction with Library services overall:

  • 85%

Library staff support and contact:

  • 90% satisfaction with the helpfulness of Library staff.
  • 91% satisfied with the opportunities to get in touch.
  • 71% satisfied with the opportunity to talk to a specialist librarian.

Access to books, readings, and other resources:

  • 78% felt satisfied that the Library provided the resources they needed.
  • 82% were satisfied with Click and Collect.
  • 80% were satisfied with the request a scan service.
  • 84% were satisfied with access to online resources through Library search.
  • 85% were satisfied that it was easy to view readings using online reading lists.
  • 86% were satisfied that the collections available supported learning and research.


  • 74% were satisfied with the location of bookable spaces.
  • 69% satisfied with the location of drop-in study spaces.
  • 45% satisfied with the availability of bookable spaces.
  • 56% satisfied with the availability of drop-in spaces.
  • 59% satisfied with the booking process.
  • 96% satisfied with cleanliness in both Martyrs and the Main Library as well as with Covid regulation signage.

Most of your comments were about study space and we are pleased to say that some of the concerns raised have been resolved:

  • Dissatisfaction with the need to book a workspace 24 hours in advance: you now need only book one hour in advance.
  • Empty seats: the Library is urging people to cancel bookings if they can no longer use them and the shorter notice period means it is easier for others to rebook these cancelled spaces.
  • Limit of 3 bookable sessions per week: there are now no limits on the number of sessions.

When asked if providing bookable and drop-in study spaces supported your needs, most responses agreed that this did help. However, this was at times qualified with points about a lack of space or problems with availability. We monitor study space provision and are working on the best ways to support you while remaining in-line with Scottish Government guidance. So that the Libraries can support you in the best ways we can, we continue to open more spaces and to develop services.

Your feedback is important to us, so please do get in touch and let us know how you feel about services and spaces and if there are ways we could improve our support for you: [email protected].

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