Noteable – Computational Notebooks in teaching

Margaret Adamson
Tuesday 27 April 2021

NoJupyter logoteable is a cloud-based computational notebook service developed by EDINA at the University of Edinburgh. It provides access to the most commonly used Jupyter computational notebooks including, but not limited, to Python and R. Further information is given in this poster provided by Noteable.


See for the full description of notebooks, which includes, among others, SageMath, Julia and Haskell, and as well as configurations for geospatial and machine learning Python 3 notebooks.

Noteable comes with an auto-grading feature enabling teachers to set assignments for a class of learners with defined rules around automated marking, providing an excellent way to quickly mark assessments.

There will be a presentation of the service by Noteable this Thursday, 29 April, from 14:00-15:00. It will take place in the “Live from the Hive” channel, in the Hive team on Microsoft Teams.

Session Schedule:

  • Demo of Noteable Service
  • Teaching with Noteable
  • Q&A
  • How to subscribe to Noteable & wrap-up

How to join: There is no need to book for this event, please join us live on the day using this link. Alternatively, you can join the Hive team, find the meeting in the “Live from the Hive” channel and add it to your calendar.

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