TEL highlights, July 2022

Georgios Mouratidis
Monday 1 August 2022

TEL highlights – July 2022

Here’s a summary of the activity that took place in the Hive this July.


Digital Accessibility Matters – Level of language

This is part of the Digital Accessibility Matters series (see the remaining sessions here). The ‘Level of Language’ session took place on July 19th and discussed tools which can tell who would be able to understand a text and also how can we write in a more direct, appropriate way for a target audience. This is useful for all text, but especially communications and learning and teaching materials.

The session was recorded and is available here.


Digital Accessibility Matters – Happy hyperlinks

The session ‘Happy Hyperlinks’ also took place this July, on the 27th.  The session discusses how we can use hyperlinks to make documents and our work more accessible to people with disabilities.

The session was recorded and is available here.


Digital Media Taster Week-Adobe CC

These are in-person courses that introduce the industry standard packages Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro. They are for those who are interested in photo or video editing, or for those who want to learn about page layout for graphics or posters or create illustrations.


Hot topic picks

There has been some activity in the Hive this July. These are some of the topics that were raised and discussed within the community.

  1. Digital teaching in higher education

It was highlighted that it is not enough to know that staff has the technical skills to use digital tools. It is also important to ensure that academics understand how to use them effectively as well as what potential these tools can have for supporting delivery. Read the relevant article and the MS Teams thread here.

  1. Digital learning in higher education

The use of digital tools to enhance and support learning can occur before, during or after a session, and support a variety of pedagogic purposes. In essence, a teacher engages digitally with a learner in the context of a pedagogic framework and the outcomes are monitored and measured using an assessment strategy. Read more about digital learning here.

  1. Learning technologies and anti-racism

This article is from a group of academic technologists at the University of Minnesota. They discuss how they could bring anti-racism into their work.

  1. Alternative to Doodle Poll

The Hive discussed what are some good alternatives to Doodle Polls for voting on a time and date for meetings. Click here to see the relevant discussion.

  1. Survey software

The Hive discussed what are some of the programs to conduct surveys. Qualtrics or Vevox are some of the most popular choices amongst staff. See the relevant discussion here.

  1. Setting up Tutorial Groups in MMS

People asked if there is a training/recording showing how to set up Tutorial Groups in MMS which then link with timetabling information. Click here to see the University’s guidance on MMS and Microsoft Teams.



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