Updates from the Academic Calendar project – 20 September

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Over the course of week 1, the project team has continued to speak with various committees and groups about the ongoing consultation on the academic calendar, including speaking to Service Directors and joining a really engaging discussion with Faculty and School Presidents at the Students’ Association EduComm.

Posters have been popping up around town to encourage people to have their say, and in week 3 we shall also ‘pop-up’ in various locations including the Main Library, the Union, the North Haugh and Walter Bower House to speak with colleagues and students and hear what people have to say. You may also notice more novel ways of garnering feedback involving different coloured ping pong balls!

We are in touch with our EDI Faculty leads and will be convening a discussion with school EDI directors shortly. This week, we shall also be speaking with student reps at the Students’ Association Student Representative Council meeting.

You can provide feedback on the four different models of a future academic calendar directly into the survey as well as speaking with the project team or providing feedback at the various pop-up activities you will soon see around campus.

As a reminder, if it becomes apparent that a clearly preferred model for the academic calendar is emerging, and has support from across all stakeholder groups – students, academic staff, and professional services staff – we shall use this feedback to inform a final proposal that will be put forward for approval in December 2023, which should result in any approved changes being communicated within AY23-24, for implementation in AY 2024-25.

If a clear model does not emerge, and we require further time to consult on the proposals and refine a future model for the academic calendar, we shall extend the period of consultation and take a final proposal forward in March 2024, which will allow changes to be communicated before the end of AY23-24, and to take effect in AY 2025-26.

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