Academic Calendar Review – the results are in

Thursday 2 November 2023

The results are in… 


Having reviewed the survey responses and other feedback from the consultation period, it is apparent that model 2a meets the requirements of most, whilst all other models include components that would be far more challenging to mitigate. Using the survey feedback, when taking into account choices one and two of respondents, Model 2a has a slight lead over the other models across all cohorts of respondent. 


According to the feedback gathered through the consultation period, the most important elements for Semester 2 are: 


  • A later start following the winter break (discounts model 0) 
  • Alignment with Fife school holidays (discounts model 1) 
  • Maintaining 11 weeks of in-person teaching (discounts model 2b) 
  • The introduction of an Independent Learning Week (present in both 2a and 2b). 


The feedback gathered also indicates a need to review related processes including: 


  • Reporting deadlines at the beginning of Semester 2 (a piece of work is already underway with the Decanal team) 
  • Application and understanding of the Independent Learning Week policy 
  • The future of the deferred and resit exams currently at the very end of the May diet 
  • Processes in the lead-up to graduation, including timeliness of reporting marks and the knock-on impact of delays to other teams 
  • How annual leave is managed and distributed in teams that may be particularly affected by a longer winter break. 


The project team will ensure that these related pieces of work are taken forward by the appropriate groups and colleagues. 


PO SMT has endorsed the proposal to progress to the December Senate meeting with a Model 2a as the recommended model, ahead of which we will continue to discuss small adjustments to this Model (e.g. the potential to invert ILW and the vacation week) through groups including Learning and Teaching Committee, Postgraduate Research Committee, the Students’ Association EduComm, and the Service Directors Group. We are also working with colleagues across the university in order to proactively look at ways of mitigating any of the perceived downsides of this model, appreciating that in any new semester structure, there will be some issues that need to be ironed out. 


Thank you to everyone for your engagement and patience with this process.  

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