Remote lecture delivery stats (March to May 2020)

Daryl Haynes
Sunday 12 July 2020

The start of our temporary move to online teaching and learning began on the 23 March 2020, in line with the UK lockdown. At this point, we decided to start putting the usage stats from the University’s teaching recording tool, Panopto, into a dashboard that you could look at.


It’s always nice to get a glimpse of just how much activity is going on across the organisation, and who doesn’t love numbers?

There was a giant leap in usage at the start of the lockdown period, as those who had used it to a lesser degree were getting to grips with the software. In addition, staff were taking action to pre-record their lectures and schedule livestreams in preparation for the start of teaching.

We continued to update the dashboard until the end of Semester 2. The last entry was on the 29 May 2020, just before the summer period began.

Key overall stats from system

  • 4,125 – recordings made
  • 1, 000 – average number of unique users per day
  • 4 million – total number of minutes watched
  • 62.7 – highest daily average number of minutes watch by a user

Interact with the dashboard above and apply filters to get more detailed stats per day.

Since publishing this post, a new dashboard has been created to share usage statistics for the 2020 Martinmas semester. It can be reached in the blog post I wrote as a follow on to this one.

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